40 Hour Basic Mediation Training

SEEDS is organizing a 40 hour basic mediation training  Sept 2 – Dec 16, 2015, at the Berkeley Adult School, 1701 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley. For more information click here.

40 Hour Basic Mediation Training

Basic 40 hour Mediation Training organized by PCRC for anyone who would like to develop their mediation skills or integrate mediation into their professional services, whether you’re a manager, an attorney, human resources professional, health care provider, religious leader, educator, consultant…  August 26th to December 9th at the College of San Mateo. For more information click here.

Side Payment Refund Assistance for Section 8 Tenants
Have you paid unreported “side payments” to your landlord?
You may be eligible for a refund plus $1,650 (minimum) for each overpayment.
Click on the appropriate language link to take the survey.
English    Spanish    Vietnamese
Or, Call Project Sentinel at (408) 720-9888 Ext. 8201.
Do NOT contact the Housing Authority.


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