Community Mediation

Community Mediation is the Better Solution

It’s Free      It’s Confidential      It’s Neutral      It’s Convenient      It Works

We can help in disputes involving:

  • Neighbor-Neighbor
    • Fences
    • Tree and branch intrusions
    • Barking dogs and other noise issues
    • Parking
  • Tenant-landlord
    • Security Deposits
    • Repairs
    • Terminations and evictions
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Consumer – Business
  • Workplace

Project Sentinel provides a full range of dispute resolution services for these disputes and many others in the community. Dispute resolution services avoid the cost and stress of other options such as litigation. These services offer the participants the opportunity to make their own decisions about whether to settle, with the freedom to design their own terms of settlement, instead of having an outsider impose terms.

Our agency offers two different free options for resolution and one fee-based option (Facilitation Services).


A trained mediator, experienced in handling similar cases, meets with the participants in a confidential, safe, neutral location. The mediator uses specialized skills to guide the discussion between the participants so that they can express their positions and consider their options, including settlement if desired. The mediator does not act as an advocate and does not impose solutions. The discussions in the mediation are confidential and cannot be used against a participant in another arena such as court. If a settlement is reached, the parties have the option to decide whether to put their agreement in writing and whether it will be confidential. Participants in Project Sentinel mediations are able to resolve their dispute in 85% of the mediations held.


In a conciliation, a trained case manager contacts all the participants in the dispute by telephone to discuss their options. If the participants wish, the case manager will then exchange settlement proposals between them so that they can consider whether to accept. If agreement is reached, and if the participants desire it, the case manager will help them document the final agreement.

Facilitation Services

Project Sentinel offers facilitation services as an additional dispute resolution alternative.

In a facilitated process, a specially trained facilitator conducts structured discussions among large groups of participants in a meeting format. The facilitator helps craft a productive agenda. The facilitator then guides the actual discussions, with the help of other facilitators if necessary and records the outcomes for the participants. Project Sentinel does charge a fee for facilitation services.

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