Our Community Mediation Programs

Our mediation or dispute resolution programs are free conciliation and mediation services for people who live, work or own property in the city the program operates in.  Typical cases include disputes over property lines, fences and trees, other neighbor issues such as control of pets as well as issues between consumers and businesses, and between tenants and landlords. Read our Success Stores to learn about typical disputes that our programs have resolved. Typical questions about the mediation process are answered on the Mediation Process FAQs page.

Mountain View Mediation Program

For almost 40 years Mountain View Mediation Program has been operating in the City of Mountain View.  For more information visit City’s website or email mediate4mv@housing.org .

Palo Alto Mediation Program

The Palo Alto Mediation Program (PAMP) has been active for over 30 years. For more information visit the PAMP Website or email pamediation@housing.org.


Los Altos Mediation Program

The Los Altos Mediation Program (LAMP) serves the communities of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills.  LAMP is a program of the Los Altos Community Foundation, administered by Project Sentinel and funded by LACF, the City of Los Altos through the Los Altos Police Department and the Town of Los Altos Hills. For more information visit LACF website or email mediate4lamp@housing.org.

Stanislaus County Mediation Center (SCMC)

The Stanislaus County Mediation Center is based in Modesto. In addition to above described services, in connection with the Superior Court, the Center provides mediation of family court personal property disputes, and staff provide in-court mediation for the small claims and Unlawful Detainer courts. Click here for more information or email solutions@stanislausmediation.org.


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