Fair Housing Workshops

One component of Project Sentinel’s mission is to educate the community about housing discrimination and their rights and responsibilities. We frequently host Fair Housing workshops and table at community events. Upcoming events that are open to the public are posted on our website calendar

Owner/Manager Trainings

Project Sentinel conducts special trainings for owners and managers of rental properties. We provide a comprehensive overview of the Fair Housing laws and are able to focus our workshops on issues that may be of particular concern to your staff. Owner/Manager trainings are a good opportunity to educate yourself and your staff and about the Fair Housing laws and get your questions answered without judgment or fear of punishment. Please contact Molly Current at (408) 470-3741 or mcurrent@housing.org for information about upcoming workshops or to schedule a workshop of your own. In some instances, there may be a fee associated with these trainings.

Tenant Fair Housing Presentations

Staff frequently schedules Fair Housing “Know Your Rights” presentations at locations across our service area. These trainings are designed to educate tenants about their rights under the Fair Housing laws, and how and when to call Project Sentinel for assistance. We teach attendees about the different protected categories, provide examples of discriminatory actions and statements to look out for, and spend time answering questions. If you would like to host an event for yourself and your neighbors, for clients, or for your community organization, please contact Christina Nguyen at (408) 470-3745 or cnguyen@housing.org to schedule a presentation. Presentations will be provided free of charge.

Service Provider Fair Housing Workshops

Project Sentinel partners with organizations that provide vital services to the community to educate staff members so that they can better assist their clients. Service provider workshops are tailored to the agency’s needs and the populations it serves, and are intended to help staff identify situations in which a client may be experiencing discrimination, or when the Fair Housing laws can help overcome a barrier that is preventing the client from being or remaining housed. Depending on the agency, we will also provide staff will the tools to assist clients with basic reasonable accommodation requests. Over the years, we have also developed a cross-referral process with many of the agencies that we work with that so clients do not fall through the cracks. Please contact Christina Nguyen at (408) 470-3745 or cnguyen@housing.org to schedule a workshop. Workshops will be provided free of charge.

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