How Can We Help?

Project Sentinel provides Fair Housing education, counseling, investigation, conciliation, advocacy, and enforcement services. When appropriate, we also connect clients with free legal representation. 

Housing Providers

Property owners and managers, as well as HOA board members, are encouraged to call Project Sentinel with any and all Fair Housing questions. We will provide free and neutral information about your rights and responsibilities as a housing provider. Don’t know how to handle a reasonable accommodation request? Have a problem with a tenant’s child? We will talk you through how to handle your problem the Fair Housing way. Also consider hosting a Fair Housing workshop for your staff.

Tenants, Homeseekers & HOA Members

When you call Project Sentinel, a knowledgeable staff person will talk to you about your experience and will determine whether you have a Fair Housing complaint. For those alleging housing discrimination, staff will provide education and counseling about your rights and options, and if appropriate, open an investigation on your behalf. A Fair Housing investigation may include interviewing, document review and acquisition, property surveys, and testing. Staff also routinely advocates for persons with disabilities who need assistance requesting reasonable accommodations and modifications from their housing providers.

At the conclusion of each investigation, staff will determine whether there is sufficient evidence to file a Fair Housing complaint. If such evidence exists, Project Sentinel has three options:

  1. Educating the housing provider and negotiating an agreement that restores your Fair Housing rights;
  2. Filing an administrative complaint with the federal or state government wherein Project Sentinel represents you during the process; or
  3. Obtaining a pro bono attorney who will file a case on your behalf in federal or state court.

The selected option depends heavily on the facts of each case, and will be determined by your assigned investigator and the Fair Housing Director. Project Sentinel is not in the position to file administrative complaints or litigate when investigations do not produce sufficient evidence. However, staff is happy to provide you with forms and information about the administrative process if you choose to file a complaint on your own.

If it is determined from the outset that you do not have a Fair Housing complaint, staff will provide you with information about your legal rights, and may refer you to Project Sentinel’s Tenant/Landlord department for further counseling and assistance. Staff is also knowledgeable about community resources, and can provide other outside housing-related referrals.

Who Can Receive Help?

Project Sentinel’s Fair Housing service area includes San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Stanislaus County, Monterey County, the cities of Fremont and Merced, as well as parts of Sacramento County. If you live or provide housing within our service area, or experienced housing discrimination at a property located within our service area, you are eligible for our services.

Our housing discrimination services are free of charge and are available to persons of all income levels. Unlike many legal aid organizations, we do not limit our services to citizens or legal residents. All persons will receive assistance regardless of their immigration status. 

Contact Us Today!

If you need assistance, or would like information about your Fair Housing rights and responsibilities, please contact us today. You may contact us by phone, via e-mail, or submit a question via our website.

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