Mortgage Counseling

Project Sentinel is HUD-Approved to provide education and counseling assistance to help homeowners who want to safeguard their homeownership. 

Our Foreclosure Prevention program provides counseling and assistance to help homeowner’s who are concerned about their ability to maintain their mortgage, resolve mortgage delinquency and prevent foreclosures. Assistance with applying for various workout options, including loan modifications is also included in this program.

Keep Your Home California is a relatively new program that offers programs that can pay your mortgage payment up to $3,000 per month, if you are unemployed and receiving EDD benefits, funds to reinstate your delinquent mortgage up to $20,000, funds to reduce your principal loan balance and funds to help you transition into rental housing if you are unable to keep your property and decide to short sale or execute a deed in lieu.

Reverse Mortgage Counseling is mandatory for any homeowner, 62 and older, who wants to apply for a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), to either generate additional income or pay off an existing mortgage. The counseling provides information so that the homeowner can make an informed decision about whether a Reverse Mortgage is the right option for them. After completing the counseling appointment, a certificate is issued, which is required in order for a homeowner to apply for a Reverse Mortgage.

We offer Post Purchase workshops on topics such as Financial Fitness Counseling, Homeowner Insurance, addressing the responsibilities of home ownership and tips on easy inexpensive do it yourself home repair and remodeling to help you save money.

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