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In honor of National Fair Housing Month, please join us for our 9th Biannual Fair housing Symposium, “Fair Housing: The Way Forward.” At Project Sentinel, we recognize the nation is at a pivotal moment in history as we prepare to transition to a new administration. In light of the changes that may lie ahead, our Symposium theme takes on a new meaning: it serves as a reminder for us as civil rights advocates to renew our commitment to the fight for fair housing and inclusive communities for all.

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8:30 am   Check in
9:00 am   Welcome address
9:15 am   Plenary
10:30am  Transition
10:45am  Workshop block #1
12:15pm  LUNCH
1:45pm    Transition
2:00pm    Workshop block #2
3:30pm    Transition
4:00pm    Closing


Fair Housing 101 (1)
Exploring the intersections of landlords’, property managers’, and tenants’ rights and responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act. How do key community actors such as nonprofit organizations, legal agencies, and property management firms both collaborate and diverge to achieve Fair Housing standards in their communities?

Session for Attorneys: Litigating Civil Rights Class Actions (1) 
A discussion of the strategic value of class actions as a powerful tool to remedy fair housing violations and practical tips on effectively litigating class actions, including how to assess whether a case is appropriate for a class action, avoiding common pitfalls, and structuring settlements.

Fair Housing Implications of Criminal History in Tenant Selection (1) 
Many housing providers will not rent to prospective tenants who have a criminal history of some kind.  But recent litigation, the passage of several local ordinances, proposed state regulations, and guidance from HUD’s Office of General Counsel make it clear that indiscriminately barring prospective tenants from housing opportunities because of an arrest or conviction raises serious Fair Housing issues.  This panel will discuss the nature and scope of the barrier posed by these policies, the alternative approaches to addressing this barrier by advocates and governments both locally and nationally, and the rights and responsibilities of both prospective landlords and tenants facing these issues.

Community Engagement & Fair Housing (2)
Amidst the changing political climate, fair housing advocates may need to employ new strategies to ensure that fair housing issues are not forgotten by local representatives. This panel aims to facilitate a broader discussion on 1) how social service providers can use community organizing as a tool to keep furthering fair housing efforts, and 2) how social service providers can partner with community organizing groups that already exist in their local communities to ensure that local governments are not forgetting that fair housing remains an important issue.

Gender and Housing (2)
This panel will explore recent updates and new guidance on sexual harassment, domestic violence, and equal access to housing and shelters based on gender identity.

Discrimination in Rural Housing (2)
The geography, demographics, and socioeconomics in the rural areas reflect a varied range of issues that are unique in fair housing. This panel seeks to shed some light on some of the concerns faced in the rural communities concerning housing, particularly farmworkers and mobile home parks. A panel of speakers from the perspectives of advocates and housing agencies will speak on topics affecting tenants and owners in the farming and mobile home communities. By discussing subject matters on rural housing, the panel will provide insight on housing discrimination impacting these communities and how to address their housing needs and issues.

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Eventbrite - 9th Bi-Annual Fair Housing Symposium "Fair Housing: The Way Forward"

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