Tenant / Landlord Counseling

What Is Tenant and Landlord Counseling?

Project Sentinel offers free, confidential services to both tenants and landlords to help them understand their rights and responsibilities under state and local laws and ordinances that affect the rental relationship.

Project Sentinel believes that many disputes between tenants and landlords can be avoided if the parties can obtain a neutral explanation of their rights and responsibilities. This type of counseling can help when there are questions or misconceptions about:

  • The nature of leases and month-to-month rental agreements
  • The duty of landlords to repair the premises and the duty of the tenant to maintain the premises
  • The landlord’s right to enter the rental unit and the tenant’s right to privacy
  • Rental increases and other changes of terms
  • Termination of the rental relationship
  • Handling security deposits – including requirements for inspections at the time a tenant vacates and the process for refunding the deposit

We are able to answer many of your typical tenant/landlord questions. Learn more about the services we offer in your local community.

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