Typical Tenant / Landlord Questions

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  • What is the difference between a lease and a month-to-month rental agreement?
  • What is the rule for how many tenants can occupy a unit?
  • Does my city have rent control?
  • How can we document the condition of the unit at the time of move-in?
  • How much security deposit can a landlord require?
  • What is the line between the landlord’s duty to repair and the tenant’s duty to maintain the condition of the premises?
  • What are the limits and procedures to raise rent or change any other condition of the rental agreement?
  • Can a landlord regulate activities such as smoking and owning a pet?
  • What are the steps when a tenant is not paying rent?
  • How does the eviction process work?
  • How are security deposit deductions calculated when a tenant moves out?
  • Who is responsible for “normal wear and tear” and how is it defined?
  • What are the time limits for joint inspections and return of the security deposit at the time of move out?
  • Is a landlord required to carry out a final inspection with the tenant?

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